With several years of experience in the military and stunts I am a disciplined and hardworking actor, that always brings a sensitivity to my characters, constantly trying to surprise both myself and the audience with interesting roles.

With studies both in acting and in film- and visual design I have produced, directed and acted in many projects, gaining experience both in front of- and behind the camera.

During my teen years I was discovered by a stunt coordinator who trained and coached me in the art of stunt work throughout many years and who later made me a core member of a swedish stunt team.

Recently I played the supporting character Råsmark in the feature film 'The Unthinkable' (2018) directed by Victor Danell. In the TV-show 'Syrror' (2016), directed by Lisa Farzaneh and Tord Danielsson I played the co-star role of Adde

Currently, I'm in post-production of the trailer for a fantasy TV-series called 'Ödesväv' where I have one of the lead roles, and I'm also starring as the lead in the short film 'Sista resan hem' that premiered in may of 2019.

My firm belief is that together we are going to tell a story about something wonderful. With our combined strength and passion there is nothing we cannot do.

After completion of the mandatory military service I signed up as an employed soldier in the Swedish Armed Forces where I've acquired wonderful traits, many whom I take with me into my acting.

For example, being somewhere I've never been, with people I've never met, doing something that is almost impossible to do is no biggie. We might be on a mountain top in -36 degrees celcius, in a swampy forest with heavy rain or in the scorching sun on a hot summer day.

No matter what I am always prepared to improvise and adapt at any moment, exploring new ways of doing things, come what may.